Faith Baptist Church

DUSTIN MCARTHUR - Principal/Middle & High School Teacher

Bro. McArthur was raised in a Christian home.  Dustin is from Martinsburg, West Virginia, and was saved as a third-grader in his childhood pastor’s office. He graduated from Martinsburg Christian Academy in 2014.  After high school, Dustin moved to Walls, Mississippi, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Tri-State Baptist College as well as met his wife, Ally.  They were married on June 9th, 2018.  Dustin and Ally have two sons, Daniel, and Seth and a daughter Jenna. Dustin is serving the Lord here by educating our young people, and has much experience in dealing with children and teenagers. He is excited about partnering with parents in Madison County to provide a quality education for the youth of our community.

EMMA TRUJILLO - Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Teacher

Miss Emma came to know Christ as her Saviour at the age of 16 in Colorado after realizing that her faith needed to be in the Lord Jesus Christ instead of the Christian friends she was associating with as a teenager. She felt the call to serve God with her life and after graduating from Springs Baptist Academy in Colorado Springs, CO she left for bible college and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education in 2019 from Tri-State Baptist College in Walls, Mississippi. She loves teaching children and has been working with them the past six years through christian education. She is joined our school staff for the 2022-23 school year. We are excited to have her teaching on our staff.

BETH FENNER - 3rd-5th Grade Teacher

Miss Beth Fenner trusted Christ as her Savior as a thirteen year old girl during her Christian school revival meeting. Her mother lead her to the Lord. After graduating from Lafayette Bible Baptist Academy in Lafayette, Missouri, she attended Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, KY and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2012 and a Master’s Degree in 2013. She has come to teach here after ten years of teaching experience in a Christian school in Maryland. We are excited to add her to our staff this year. She has a passion for serving the Lord and teaching children. 

DENISE SHORT - Middle & High School Teacher

Mrs. Short grew up in broken home and heard the gospel at church through the bus ministry of Trinity Baptist Church in Warrenton, VA where she was saved as a child. She later was baptized and dedicated her life to serve Christ at the age of 16. She married her husband Chuck and they began serving the Lord together through local churches in Virginia, West Virginia and now here in Richmond, Kentucky. She is the mother of six children and began teaching for us in the 2022-23 school year. She has a heart to help students grow academically and spiritually.

LAURA DOSS - Middle & High School Teacher

Mrs. Doss was raised in a Christian home. She graduated from a Christian school in Illinois and then went to Hyles-Anderson College where she met and married our pastor, John Doss. She was saved in 2007 and has spent her life investing in children and teenagers lives through music and English. We are glad to have her teaching for us. She has been a Christian school educator for over 20 years. She has a passion to please the Lord and to help young people get the proper tools they need to succeed in life for the Lord.